====== Script Functions in API Version 2 ======

API Version 2 attempts to mimic the style of the [[Plugins|plugins]], sharing coding objects in .NET.

===== NameValueCollection =====

Stores key/value pairs of strings.
===== DateTime =====

Represents dates and times.\\
See Also: [[http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/system.datetime.aspx|MSDN DateTime Structure]] Many of the C# properties and methods are made available.

See Also: [[DateTime]]
===== InternetRequest =====

Makes requests to web sites for getting or posting data.

See Also: [[InternetRequest]], [[InternetRequestExample|Example]]

===== InternetResponse =====
Response from internet requests.

===== Mouse =====
Provides mouse utility routines.

See Also: [[Mouse Click]], [[Mouse Move]]

===== SimpleTask =====

Represents simple background tasks.
===== SimpleTaskManager =====

Manages background tasks.
===== Text =====

Provides helper routines to convert HTML to XML and time formats.
===== Quality =====

The quality level (performance setting) as set in PlayOn Settings.
===== MediaFormat =====

The different types of media that PlayOn can handle.
===== AdItem =====

An advertisement that can be attached to a PlaybackItem.
===== PlaybackItem =====

A piece of media that can be played back with possible advertisements to be attached to a PlaybackDescriptor.
===== PlaybackDescriptor =====

Describes the media to playback and how.