====== Meta Blocks ======
Meta Blocks are special blocks of code quarantined from the global space. These blocks cannot access variables or data contained in the Script it self.

===== Director =====



See Also: [[Director Events]], [[Director Properties]]

===== Image =====



An ascii representation of the Script's display icon stored as a base64 encoded string. Supports JPG, GIF, and PNG. Present in [[Meta Blocks v1|API Version 1]]

See Also: [[How to base64 encode an image]]
===== Login =====

return false

Must return boolean true, if login was successful, or false, if not. This block enables the Username and Password field to be displayed when a user selects your script from the Plugins Tab in the PlayOn Settings window.

===== Options =====


--Lua code using System.Windows.Forms controls.


present in [[Meta Blocks v1|API Version 1]]

See Also: [[Meta Options]]

===== Settings =====

name = "Script Name";
id = "UNIQUE ID";
description = "Description of Script";
version = "";
link = "http://www.your.url";
apiversion = "1";

Id must be unique, the first Script with any ID is the only one loaded, PlayOn will ignore all others.

===== Update =====

return nil;